Sunday, March 11, 2012

The Hunger Games Written by: Suzanne Collins

Absolutely grotesque, just horrible...gut churning. These were the emotions I felt over this book. I had seen some previews of the upcoming movie, and some friends had mentioned how I just "Had to read this book!" But, well I listened to the unabridged audio book. I felt myself really wishing I could stop at times, because I felt no better than the spectators watching the barbaric hunger games. Unlike the spectators I completely understand how messed up the hunger games are and what they represent and why. It is a very awesome book and quite mind blowing. Of course those of us who have learned the history of the Roman Gladiators and read other books with warriors fighting for their lives would easily see the paraells in this story, the fact these are children in these games makes it all the more horrifying. Similar to the Japanese Manga/movies Battle Royal, only this too has its own original spin. The hunger games introduces a girl whom I found borderline sociopathic, but not because of anything wrong with her, but because of how her life and society made her. She's gifted with a fierce loyalty but has no understanding it seems of how much people actually like her, she thinks they respect her not that they admire or even love her. Katniss Everdeen is the main character and the story is told entirely from her point of view. She's got an wicked amount of spunk, and appears though to have grown up too fast in the post apocalyptic world of Panem in district 12  is still quite naive and disconnected with quite a bit, but she's clever and can catch onto things rather quickly, we even get a few glimpse of the type of girl she might have been had she not been born into such a hard world. The other characters are also quite animated and lovable, and others are so scary and just plain messed up... I really cannot describe them without giving away a lot of plot, so I'll just say this have tissues on hand. After all 24 children will enter the Arena, only one is permitted to leave. The world of Panim is dark and ugly even the beautiful Capitol is grotesque and decadent in its refined and engineered beauty it's just so damn fake. Suzanne Collins paints a world that is scary in the fact our own world emulates so much of the Capitol world, at least the first world countries with their reality TV shows and how Wars and poverty make them feel. But, at least we all have a choice and freedom currently unlike the Capitol people they seem prisoners too in a gilded cage.  I often am disgusted especially with the on going wars against humanity how often times you hear how the reports "feel, think, are upset, saddened, repulsed." Yet, they will often disregard how the people themselves feel. It just enrages me when they do this.I do know there is little some people can do, but seriously making money off of these peoples plights and suffering? Just disgusting. This book I find did a very good job of masking and at times outright calling out our current societies. Or, perhaps I am just projecting, either ways the Hunger Games is an fantastic book, it caused me to cry at several moments, and keep crying. The sheer emotions and scenes were so vivid. So, if you have not read this book yet, it is part of a trilogy which I intend to finish, go on out and read it, or wait for the movie, but remember most movies today are only highlights, and there are so many dark scenes in this book I wonder how they will be able to show a lot of them seeing as it will be rated PG-13, so really if you want a good grasp of the story go for the book I say it will be more intimate that way too.

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