Sunday, March 18, 2012

The Madame School of Sex Seducing Sarah Written by: Jinx Jamison

First, so not safe to view this image or to read this book at work. Second, hmm...I dare take the quote from P.C.U "everyone get's laid!" Well, this movies bash where they title the party Everyone Gets laid is quite fitting for this book. The Madame School of Sex is just that a school where people go to learn about and how to perform sexually. To be in a safe environment with specially trained and not judgmental teachers who will help bring out everyone's inner sex Diva/God. It is a very interesting school, I was a bit skeptical at first being recommended this book, but upon reading well, this book was actually very well written! The steamy scenes were not bad at all I mean it, they were just well...I'll let you find out, nor was the plot development or even the character development overall bad. They were actually quite good. I found myself laughing a few times and yes as per usual with a book like this blushing quite furiously. And why shouldn't there be a school like this where people who want to perform better in their bedroom? You very well cannot ask every lover "So, was I okay? Did that suck? Should I not have done that?" Haha, or can you? Either way the school itself seemed very safe in its welcoming environment and analysing everyone's preferences and their safe zones. I loved that some of the men and women were not all sexual knockouts in the looks department but their personalities and their looks created quite intriguing people. The story is about this woman Sarah who just is getting over a breakup because her ex-boyfriend said she just didn't "please him sexually." So, she heard rumor about this school where a person could learn to be good in bed. Little does she know someone at the Madame School of Sex already plans on educating her personally. It is a quick read a good ol relax and not think too hard about the real world read. Perhaps I will look up the other book in this series and see what happens to the cast of characters the author Jinx Jamison created.

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