Sunday, January 1, 2012

White Night Book 9 Written by Jim Butcher

Happy New Year everyone! Well, it's 2012 and time to start anew. I thought the best way to do that was tapping into Jim Butcher's world of Harry Copperfield Blackstone Dresden. Read by James Marsters. Chicago is to this day a wondrous cit with a dark underbelly, and even the topside world is filled with horrible things that go bump in both day and night. But, in Jim Butchers world things are always taken a bit further. This book was like the ocean in the way it came slow at times, and kept right on rolling up on the beach and steadily became harder until it would ebb back only to crash into the shore again and again. A human can only take being rolled over and smacked so many times, but it seems in Harry's case he just keeps taking more on and becomes even more bad ass. I use the term bad ass, but Harry is also amazingly crazy and has a very special sense of humor in even the darkest situations. Again the classic characters and newer characters come into play as do many adversaries. The enemy of my enemy comes into play a lot during this book. There were some very memorable moments in the book and some very scary moments which I found myself going. "Oh No He Didn't!" This time things were a bit sadder as poor mortals, a lot of them fell before the Vampires and other supernaturals. They were helpless and due to the ongoing war felt like they had nowhere to go, even their minds were not to be trusted. And yet, Mr. Butcher still has time to make us laugh over the classic banter between Harry and Bob the Skull, Murphy Chicago police, Mouse a more than average dog, Ramirez fellow warden, Butters city mortician, Molly wayward pupil, and of course Thomas his sexy brother. There are of course more, but why spoil it for you? These moments between the characters are gems that highlight the story and show even in the oddest and scariest times humor can be found. There was so much back plot and speculation the conclusion obviously left me with more questions. My husband and I are still trying to put the puzzle pieces together. What is going to happen to Harry and the mortal world? What will happen to the magical community and even the supernatural community? I only wish certain descriptions would not have to be repeated so often. We know Harry is raw power rather than subtle and elegant with his magic. In fact we see it all the time.  What the hell does Jim Butcher think he's going to do, especially with what has happened with a certain targeted brain failure and alternative persona. I loved this book and am still amazed how truly scary and awesome Harry and company can truly be. What now Harry?

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