Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The Eternal Garden Seasons of Our Sexuality Written by: Sally Wendkos Olds

This book was an amazing one. What got me was the first sentence in the jacket cover was, "Are we ever too young or too old for sex?" Well, I consider that a good opening line. This book took me from the beginning of sexuality throughout the human life. The author really did her research, though this book is a little out of date. The book was published in a very good year even. 1985. A time when the country was just getting out of the sexual awakening time, the horrors of HIV and when elders were from a time so different from the current young adult culture. For things I never knew, well, I had no idea that babies and children actually experienced their bodies in a physically sexual way. Not in a sensual way, but in a way that they touched themselves and go. "That feels good." So, now I know babies and young children masturbate. I couldn't contain my curiosity because I had no idea babies/children do this. Well, I ended up asking everyone I know, and low and behold yes they do. One of my favorite stories about children and these experiences and how children's parents handle this. One women's response to her daughter and the classic playing Dr. came up. It was amazing, and every parent should check it out. I only hope I someday can be so understanding and not come off as creepy or judgmental. This book was not only research and facts, but had a very human aspect to it. The author interviewed people from all ages and backgrounds. It was very fascinating to learn about peoples sexual awakenings weather they be bad, good, delayed, or experienced again and again. The author took us into this world where we should not judge ourselves or others as when it comes to sex. "There is no standard." The book continues throughout the teenage years, the young adults, to adults, to middle aged, to the golden years, and even the twilight years. There's just so much that this book covered I can't even begin to cover how amazing it was. A fun statistic for both men and especially women. 72 percent of women over seventy with a partner are still orgasmic with that partner. The author blew away the mold that old people are put into and confined to a no sex life. This book was not all rainbows and sunshine or wonderful orgasms. Rather there was a lot of infidelity and adultery. So many marriages and relationships failed in this book, and so may poor spouses were left in the dark when it came to the fact their wives and husbands were cheating on them. Others were left speechless when they were divorced or widowed. Still, so many in the end realized that sex was a big part of their lives and that sex in all its forms from a simple cuddle to an evening of debauchery. One last quote. "Sex isn't something we do or have but is intrinsic part of our very natures, we are set free from the notion that we have to express our sexuality in certain circumscribed way with certain partners in certain circumstances." This book had me examine my own life to the possible future I may or may not have. I vote for no cheating and no being a widow. I hope to find a book written in the present time and seeing how specialists and statistics have changed and what has stayed the same. This book was educational and freeing. Hope you enjoy it.

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