Wednesday, May 30, 2012

World War Z An Oral History of the Zombie War Written by: Max Brooks

I must recommend this book to everyone! However, I highly recommend NOT reading this book while being behind a glass door/window on a first floor building, or worse being in a cement bathroom at the beach with nothing but a pair of flip flops on your feet and this book in your hand. I have read World War Z three times now, and listened to the audio book four. The book is a work of fiction, or is it? For those of you who watch the news and saw what happened in Miami this past Memorial weekend, well again reading this book may not have been the brightest idea. The book itself is so awesome! Max brooks writes this story in an Q and A kind of way. He puts himself into the book as an reporter interviewing numerous of survivors. He introduces us to characters from all regions of the world and from all classes, and then in the end we realize though the people are different the stories are basically the same. We read about America, Russia, Japan, China, Cuba, Africa, Pakistan, Canada, etc... from the children to the most seasoned War Veteran we hear stories even about our canine companions. The book starts with you already knowing World War Z is over for the most part, and then takes you from patient Zero all the way to the end coming full circle. With all the hype in Zombies these days this is a must read. It is scary how close Max Brooks writing reflects on present day events, and how easily a lot of those events could lead to this. (So long of course there is never a patient Zero) I admit Zombies scare the hell out of me, I do not like them at ALL. At least with a vampire your likely to just die same with werewolves, witches, fei, ghosts, etc... these all can think, relate, have wants desires, rest.... Only the zombie with its only want/need to feed truly terrifies me, especially since the classic zombie just bites you or scratches and you and "It's all over man! It's all over." Plus with how fast it spreads it reminds me of Ebola and at least then you just die, (quite horrifically the stuff of true nightmares) you do not come back as a corpse who in turn will devour everyone you ever loved if given the option to. Just yuck. So, I do not like Zombies. Still, it's like people who are afraid of heights who go sky diving, you are fascinated by the things that scare you. And Max Brooks definitely knows how to scare a person. This book reads fast, each short story could be its own book. Each characters is given a very distinct voice. If you listen to the audio version it is sheer genius! Though, it is abridged so reading the book will allow you see more than what you heard. Also, I love how all of these stories in some way will relate to past stories in the book until they loop together it really is quite exciting. So, World War Z a great read, and who knows if there ever is a Zombie crisis doesn't hurt to know what you might be up against eh?

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