Monday, May 7, 2012

Side Jobs Stories From The Dresden Files. Written by Jim Butcher

Hello all, well turns out I dl the wrong book for my e-reader. I found the right one though and now I have all of these stories, so to continue reviewing the short stories in Side Jobs written by Jim Butcher.
The 2nd story in this book is uber short just a glimpse into Harry's life and what him and Bob talk about, nothing major, but amusing.

The 3rd Story, deals with the Alpha's for those of you who read this story and table top game the Alpha's and Harry's relationship is always amusing. It was a sad but cute story and gives you more a look into the Alphas and how they are growing up.

The 4th Story dealt with a certain brothers birthday, a mall, and Larpers. I just laughed myself silly when they were "out of character" brings me back to my days of larpning. (Not that I don't anymore) I wish we had a mall to play in that big! The ending of the story was so touching, and the story itself was pretty cool, and you're really beginning to see just how not normal Harry's life is when he's not highlighted in a Novel. Then again, he is a Wizard, Chicago's only Wizard in the phone book.

5th Story Heorot: Brings a little light onto the Guard Character and some very fun Norse Mythology for those of you familiar with such stories. Also, beer amazingly sounding beer...

6th Story Day Off: Jim Butcher is just being purely mean now when it comes to Harry, this is more a comedy and brings quite a few aspects of Harry's life right into his little apartment. Poor Harry he just wanted to have a nice day off...and maybe he'll get a boring day someday? Then again it would not be his life otherwise.

7th Story Backup: Is told from the voice Thomas and brings to light a certain war going on in which Harry and we the readers knew absolutely NOTHING about, so it was really cool to get a peak behind Thomas's life and to know some secrets Harry doesn't know, seeing as the books are told from his point of view so we only know what he generally know. Huzzah knowing a secret!

8th Story The Warrior: My my, he does work in mysterious ways doesn't he? The ending of this story just makes you tear up a little and laugh quite a lot as Jim Butcher just cannot let Harry take in a moment without making some wise guy remark or action.

The 9th Story Last Call: MCAnally's Pub, I so wish I could have a brew from this place, the way Jim Butcher constantly mentions how great this beer is in his novels, just makes you sigh, thinking, I wish I could have some. Another interesting story, and it again peeks behind the curtain of Harry's life, poor guy can never ever get a break.

I haven't read Turn Coat yet, so I'll have to leave my review here for now. I must say the introductions Mr. Butcher puts before each story and why he writes what he writes is hilarious and oh so enjoyable. The author seems like any regular guy (who is a fantasy/horror etc..nerd) that you would have over to your house to enjoy some good old fashion table top. I hope to read Turn coat soon so I can finish this book, but seeing as these are stand alone stories I figured I would share this with you now.

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