Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Deadlocked A Sookie Stackhouse Novel written by: Charlaine Harris

Well hello everyone, hope you're all just peachy keen. I'm in such a lovely mood having just read the latest Sookie book written by the ever so pleasant Charlaine Harris. Oh Sookie, Sookie, Sookie. Vampries, Werewolves, Fairies, oh my! (I am sure I've used that line before...) This story was just wow... I mean it's the next to the last book, so quite a few stories were kind of tied up, but again the questions! Some lines were tied and there's a big question that has yet to be closed, a question that those of us who really, really want to know, just who the heck is Sookie going to end up with? Will love really truly be possible for Sookie? The happily ever after for our dear heroine? The author also shows us how a little love token be huge amount of trouble and how secrets even generations old can bite you in the behind. Charline's writing is so fresh so clean and crisp it's about, well, people. Sure most of them are supes, but its as if this is normal life. I can just picture the world in which her characters live it's sunny, hot, quaint and even dirty, but her characters are proud and even the supernatural characters seem so normal. Yes, Sookie is kidnapped again, and yes she gets roughed up again, and yes there is tension, but she's trying to get her life together. Whenever I read a Sookie book I find myself wishing I lived in a society full of manners and hospitality where I had time to go into my kitchen and whip up sweet tea and big home cooked meals while enjoying the outside sun. Sure I can do these occasionally, but for Sookie it is just her way of life. Her life is so complex, but somehow she stays a ray of sunshine and oh so proper, granted she's killed quite a few people. Self Defense! But, she still tries to be a good person who follows her faith. There are so many characters but it seems like the plot for a lot of people is concluding and all of them are moving on. The world of Bon Temps is changing evolving, and I'm tickled pink to figure out just where the BonTemps cast is going to end up. It just seems like I'm watching real folk living their "normal" lives, and though there's so much more at the end of the day its just people living. My only complaint is the characters would pop up and vanish and it was hard to have any real hearty conversations or in depth personal time. Seems like a certain tall Viking Vamp should have gotten more screen time too, but perhaps that will be salvaged in the next book. A big like Charlaine subtly mentions equal rights and touches upon some dicey topics, but does not become overt or loud in her writing just a little dash here and there to think about what she said. So, I enjoyed the book. Huzzah!

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