Thursday, May 3, 2012

A Restoration of Faith the first of the Dresden Files stories, chronologically. Written by Jim Butcher

I needed some light here we go. Expect a few of these over the next few days. Since these technically weren't novels I decided to use this as the photo for these reviews.

Well, Mr. Jim Butcher was once a young writer, and before this short story even begins he gives us a brief history lesson concerning his writing. He states it is a novice effort, and possibly his third or fourth short story he'd ever written, if you include projects from grade schoool. He admits it wasn't up to par for professional publication, and I can definetely see that in this story, it is a short story, and I had a few minutes to kill, so I thought, why not read some of these by him? It was interesting to see where the Harry Dresden character came from and how he evolved, and how his voice would gain its strength. The story itself is brief and has that very familiar sarcastic whit Mr. Butcher is so excellent at writing, and yet that darkness that grime he also puts into his stories is here as well. If you are into seeing just where one of your favorite fictional characters began I reccomend finding this short story and having a nice chuckle and pondering just where the series would have went had Mr. Butcher kept on the path he originally was on.

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