Friday, September 16, 2011

Heartwishes written by: Jude Deveraux

Well lovely readers, this was fast. I must say after having read so many real,  raw, and quite shocking books. My mind needed a break so I ran out in search of a book that would teach me nothing and not overly have an impact on my thinking concerning life and the human condition. Well, I found all that in Heartwishes. I had trouble finding such a book so many titles and descriptions are “shocking! Unique! Deadly! A life changing experience!” Okay, maybe not that bad, but a lot were very similar in their themes and seriousness, and I was searching for escapism. Heartwishes is not a romance novel in the traditional sense, but it was a love story none the less. Though the author I felt focused on certain things more and didn’t really give a lot of detail or enough dialogue to certain events. Whole stories about other people were going on that only had a passing mention. Never the less I could see the world she created in any small town, and throughout the book thinking.. “I could live in a small town where people know one another, and settle down.” It reminded me of the Peach Keeper which I read over the summer in how quaint and lovable everyone was. I almost found myself going okay when is the shoe going to drop in this book? I mean c’mon they all get along! Maybe some gruesome serial killer will come and ruin it all until the brave men or crafty women of the town can combat this evil But, no it was a story a simple one time story that I found myself laughing at, smiling, and even groaning because I know people who are so like these characters. I must mention one particular scene where a certain Mother in the book demands she be given a shot of tequila not one but two! Then her husband joins in and they continue drinking their wine. They remain pleasant, but that shot takes all the edge off in their life. Which, in my life I have to say I can totally see happening with a certain special lady I know. Overall this book was good, some scenes could have been longer and some shorter, but the way the author bringing the past and present together and the love the main characters have for their certain someone’s/passions is very refreshing. I feel good about the world once more. So what does this mean? It was a happy pill, in a book, which quite frankly sometimes we all just need.

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